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Hi, I'm Sean, a New York City based Web Developer who builds, repairs, maintains and supports Drupal websites.

Over the past 12 years I've had a role in building over 150 Drupal Websites for Non-Profits, Small Companies, Digital Agencies, Media Companies and Startups.

About Me

Professional Biography

For lack of a better description, I'm a bit mason. I come from a family of brick masons who used trowels to shape bricks and mortar into buildings; to continue the family tradition, I sit at my shiny computer and use Drupal, PHP, HTML, Javascript and CSS to shape bits into dynamic websites.

Often I build sites on my own but, depending on your needs, I can hire outside contractors to get thing done faster.  If you have a team in place and need another resource, I can work at your location with your team.

Please feel free to look through the rest of this site and evaluate my experience. Contact me if you decide I can be of service to you.

Good luck with your project!

Quick Stats

Sean Reiser
Flushing, NY
(347) 321-4338
US Employment Eligibility
U.S. Citizen
Years Experience in Software Development
Years Experience in Drupal

Professional Timeline

  • 06

    Independent Drupal Contractor

    2006 - present

    • Design web strategies based on an evaluation of an organization's processes and upcoming needs
    • Architect and develop websites using Drupal
    • Develop custom modules
    • Create bespoke themes
    • Perform periodic
    • Technologies include: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, MySQL Apache, Linux, APC, Drupal (versions: 4.7, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x) AJAX, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Linux, and Pantheon
  • 07

    Enfatico, Inc


    Interim Development Manager

    • Managed a team of 4 in-house programers and liaised with off-shore development teams
    • Served as lead developer and technical architect for a job initiation system written in C#.NET using Visual Studio 2008, and SQL Server 2005. This three tier web forms application allowed clients to request work from the agency and provided global visibility to work in progress reducing duplicate work by 45%
    • Advised “C level” executives at Enfatico and Enfatico’s parent company, WPP, on the use and position of Social Media and Networking properties
    • Designed and developed a capital expenditure system in C#.NET, using Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2005. This product included tracking of management and finance approvals of capital expenditures for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance purposes
    • Implemented a blog, staff directory and wiki based on Drupal 6.0 for internal and client facing collaboration. Several custom modules were written in PHP5 giving employees access to internal HR databases and tools. A theme was implemented based on a design laid out by internally graphic design staff
  • 06


    Lead Developer

    • Designed and developed an automated mutual fund analytics engine in C#.NET using Visual Studio 2005, and SQL Server 2005. This application runs automated on a nightly basis, and determines a value for individual mutual funds based on the value and volatility of the component stocks in the funds
    • Supported and maintained a legacy mutual fund rating system written in Visual FoxPro,, and Visual Basic 6.0 while developing the new analytics engine
  • 05



    Contract Programmer

    • Architected a port of a CA-Clipper application to xHarbour
  • 01

    The Clayton Group



    • Supported and maintained a loan review system written in Clipper 5.2
    • Designed reporting system in Visual FoxPro
    • Ported a mortgage due diligence application to xHarbour, an open source compiler based on Clipper. This application is used by over 200 mortgage underwriters weekly ensuring mortgages sold on the secondary market are in legal compliance. The rules engine from this application was converted into a DLL for Clayton’s next generation due diligence system, which has a .NET front end
    • Implemented 3DES encryption in VB.NET to encrypt data in stored in flat tables
    • Separated UI, business rules, and data access into a three-tier architecture allowing a peel away strategy for porting the application from a DOS based application into a modern windows application
    • Designed, coded and implemented a VB.NET application to import flat Clipper data tables into a data warehouse. The data warehouse is stored in SQL Server 2005. The application used SQL Server’s DTS to import the data
    • Implemented a Blog and Wiki for internal team communications using Drupal
  • 98

    Citigroup (formerly AST Stockplan, Inc)


    Vice President, Information Systems

    • Supervised a team of 8 in-house developers in developing a stock plan administration system
    • Served as liaison to offshore development teams
    • Designed a disaster recover plan while was implemented in the wake of 9/11 with no loss of data or business
    • Managed system and data migration plan for the merger of Citigroup’s and AST StockPlan’s systems
    • Rearchitected ESPP process flow reducing processing time by 25% while increasing accuracy by 75%
  • 97

    The Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation


    Technical Officer

    • Supervised a team of 8 developers supporting and maintaining a mortgage originations system written in CA-Clipper 5.2
    • Automated the process of retrieving credit scores allowing fast approval of credit applications
    • Designed and implemented an application running on the Palm Pilot allowing more efficient home appraisals
  • 95

    Law Journal Information Systems


    Contract Programmer

    • Maintained a vertical market application written in CA-Clipper, which provided New York State docket information to law firms
  • 93

    TitleServe, Inc


    Technical Officer

    • Designed, implemented and maintained CA-Cliper applications for the day to day running of the business including programs to track the status of title applications and billing
  • 88

    Computer Associates


    Sr. Support Technician

    • Provided online and telephone technical support for Computer Associates’ programming languages



Drupal Services


I will build you a brand new website.  If you need help with strategy, design or just the technical know-how to build your site, I can help.


I will do any fixes for your site. From a site that doesn't look right on certain browsers or devices to error messages to things just not working, I can find a solution for you.


I will give your existing site the new functionality you need, freshen up its look and make things run more efficiently.


I will ensure you website is up and running, review server logs, ensure backups are working, monitor performance and answer questions about your site.


I will review any custom code on your site for security problems.  I will apply critical updates for Drupal Core and Contributed Modules within 24 hours of them being issued and other updates on a weekly basis.


I have partnered with Pantheon, a top Drupal hosting company, to ensure that my clients have best in class hosting at a reasonable price.


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